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1. With PayPal, you can send payment quickly and securely online.
2. Through PayPal, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account balance.
3. Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal's site where you could make the payment.
Advantages with using PayPal:

1.Payment is traceable. You can trace the status of your payment using your PayPal account.
2.Payment does not require you to use your credit card online (you can transfer directly from your bank account)
3.Our Site doesn't see your credit card number (it is safely encrypted through PayPal's server), which limits the risk of unauthorized use.
4. Eevn you don't have a PayPal account,you still can use PayPal,choose the payment of Payment,then pay with your credit card,debit card,visa card,or bank account balance.

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